TABMA Stats is a brand-new and exciting members-only service, helping timber and building materials businesses become well prepared with a broad range of statistical data.

Businesses that are well informed will be better prepared for business. To be well prepared for business is to have good stock purchasing and inventory plans, solid product development and testing programs, and wise capital equipment procurement and investment strategies. That’s what TABMA Stats can deliver you!

Members can access detailed graphical reports via the member login and by browsing the above tabs. The website also displays percentage changes in table form for selected periods and YOY (year on year) comparisons.

TABMA Stats is based on translating over 37 million data observations.

Statistics are regularly updated online with reports across:

Updated / Current Period
Building Approvals
Month / September 2021
Building Commencements
Quarter / June 2021
Loan Approvals
Month / September 2021
Timber Imports Australia
Annual / June 2021
Price Indices
Quarter / September 2021
Biannual / May 2021
Retail Sales
Month / September 2021

Members Monthly Stats Newsletter

Each month members will receive a TABMA Stats Newsletter to highlight the significant movements in building activity, financing data and general economic information, including:

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AND THERE’S MORE: Receive customised TABMA Stats for your business needs

One of the main features of TABMA Stats is the ability for individual members to select and design a list of customised statistics that will appear under the ‘My Statistics’ tab that only you can view. We believe the most popular statistic in this section for members will be selecting Building Approvals by Statistical Areas that align to your immediate or potential market(s). Our TABMA Stats specialist can provide reports on Building Approvals from geographical areas of interest (suburb/suburb groups).

Let us help you dig a little deeper to get the most out of TABMA Stats.

Email John, our TABMA Stats specialist

to see how we can customise reports for your business.

Coming soon!

There are plans to release more statistics shortly that might include information related
to workplace safety and data obtained from member surveys, so please watch this space.

How do I access the TABMA Stats?

TABMA Stats are only available for members of TABMA Australia. Please check your inbox for your username and password information which was sent in the Member Insights newsletter.

If you have your username (member email address) and password, click on the Member Login in the top right corner to access the reports.

If you’ve misplaced your login, go to the Member Login, and click on Forgotten my password to re-set.

If you have any questions on accessing the reports, contact TABMA Stats specialist John Theoharris on 0418 287767 or via the form below: